Philip Moore (left) with Israeli military personnel, Tamar Borria, and Shosh Abraham, at Base Machena Natan, in Beersheba, Israel.


Jerusalem Post coverage of the Second International Christian Zionist Congress by Melanie Rosenberg, reproduced courtesy of the Jerusalem Post.


This small boat was used by the Danes to smuggle Jews from Gillelje, Denmark, to fishing boats at sea, on their way to the safety of Sweden.

Here are a few books written by Jewish survivors of the Holocaust.  They say they owe their lives to those Christians who aided them in their fight for survival and Jesus, the one they came to realize is
the Jewish Messiah, through whom they were miraculously preserved.



This citation is presented by Yad VaShem to righteous Gentiles in honor of their commitment to save Jews during the Nazi Holocaust.


The entrance to the Garden of the Righteous Gentiles, which leads to the Yad VaShem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem.  The garden is filled with plaques and trees, to honor those Christians who saved Jews, at risk of their own lives from the Nazis.

Corrie Ten Boom, the loving old woman whose book, The Hiding Place, later became a film,[40] saved many Jews in her own personal “hiding place” behind a double wall in her home.  Corrie was a wonderful Evangelical Christian who said she was willing to save Jesus’ people, the Jews, from the Holocaust even if it meant her death.  Even though she was relentlessly beaten by the Gestapo, she never turned in any of the Jews she was hiding.  Recently, Corrie died and her tree was placed in the Yad VaShem Memorial Park in Israel.



Corrie Ten Boom’s name plaque and tree.


      The famous Christian Swedish diplomat, Raul Wallenberg, who some feel is still alive and incarcerated in Russia, saved 100,000 Jews.  Dr. Bauminger describes this “angel of mercy”:[41] “...Wallenberg rented 32 houses that he proclaimed a Swedish extraterritorial zone.  Into these houses Wallenberg brought his ‘protected Jews,’ after having duly provided them with forged papers in the name of the Swedish Embassy and the Red Cross.”[42]

      Bauminger went on to tell how Wallenberg hid the Jewish children in “churches or private Christian homes,” and that: “ ‘All this was done by a courageous man who had the strength of his convictions to act according to his conscience and beliefs.  As in the case of King Christian of Denmark, Wallenberg’s deeds once more bring to mind the poignant thought:  how much greater could have been the number of survivors in the lands of extermination, had there been others like him....’ ”[43]



The Wallenberg Memorial, built to honor the man

who saved 100,000 Jews from the Holocaust.



“ ‘...Only the church stood squarely across the path of Hitler’s campaign....I am forced to confess that what I once despised I now praise unreservedly.’ ” [44] “I am a Jew, but I am enthralled by the luminous figure of the Nazarene....No one can read the Gospels [of the New Testament] without feeling the actual presence of Jesus.  His personality pulsates in every word.  No myth is filled with such life.”[45]

                       Albert Einstein

Einstein remembered on Israeli currency and stamp.


Israeli’s guard their border.

The Golden Gate, in Jerusalem, where
the Messiah will enter one day soon.

[40]This film is now available on home video.

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