“People set us down as the enemies of the Spirit. We are. But in a much deeper sense than the conceited bourgeois dolts ever dreamed of. What should I care for the Christian doctrine of the infinite significance of the individual spirit and of personal moral responsibility? I oppose it in icy clarity with the saving doctrine of the nothingness and total insignificance of the individual and of  his continued existence only in the visible mortality of the blood of the race...I am liberating man from the demand of spiritual freedom and personal independence which only a few people can bear...A German Christianity is a distortion. One is either German or Christian.” [1]                 ADOLF HITLER, 1932


“The Nazis...denounced the Jews for having giving birth to ‘such a sickness as Christianity.’ ”

Jewish Scholar, MAX I. DIMONT, 1962


“I have had more than one Rabbi tell me, ‘Hitler was a Christian.’ While attempting to dissuade me from sharing my faith, in Jesus as the Jewish Messiah, with my Jewish friends. The truth is, this is an improper claim, used to lay guilt trips on those who share their faith with Jews because it is not true. Hitler hated Christians and murdered many[2] of them also. True Christians love the Jewish people as Jesus commanded.”                                              PHILIP MOORE, 1998








     The significant reasons for Adolf Hitler’s Anti-Semitism are often overlooked and pushed aside. They are shoved out of view to make way for some novel yet illegitimate inquiry or theory which sheds little light on the subject or “reason” for his hatred of the Jews.

     For decades people have asked “why?” This was the subject of a May 1, 1995 article in The New Yorker magazine  entitled “Explaining Hitler.” Since so many Jewish friends of mine have also asked me why I think Hitler hated the Jewish people, we will examine the inner workings of this evil man’s mind with respect to the influence which was pressed upon him by The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, The writings of Houston Stewart Chamberlain and consequent “philosophical” predecessors.

     Max I. Dimont outlines a specific trend in Anti-Semitism that was precipitated by “Race Philosophers.” He tells us that: “...race philosophers made ‘blood’ the fount of grace, and the ‘superman’ supplanted the [New Testament] Gospels as a source of power...Count Gobineau...in his book The Inequality of Human Races, published in 1853.... held that blood of the Aryan elite was being diluted with the blood of a non-Aryan mass through the process of democracy. He does not mention the Jews. It is the middle and lower-class French he views with fear, for it is they who carry the taint of inferior blood, infecting the French aristocracy, which he claims was descended from Nordic Aryans. The French, at first, ignored Gobineau, but the Germans immediately embraced his theories. His book gained him the friendship of Friedrich Nietzche, creator of the concept of the superman.

     “A whole school of apologists has recently arisen, making Nietzche the ethical successor to the humanists. Nietzsche, however, with all due regard for his nervous, brilliant prose, is the ‘father’ of Nazism, and his ethic is not the ethic of Torah and [New] Testament, but the limited code of the Nazi. ‘Write with blood,’ advises Nietzsche, ‘and you learn that spirit is blood.’ In Beyond Good and Evil, Nietzche also laid down the foundation for the morality of his superman with such maxims as ‘You I advise not to work but to fight.’...His Superman is beyond good and evil, for, says Nietzsche, ‘the falseness of an opinion is for us no objection to it...and we are fundamentally inclined to maintain that the falsest of opinions...are the most indispensable to us.’ His philosophy led, indeed, to a complete defiance of Christianity, to a complete reversal of the teachings of [The New Testament] Gospel and Decalogue.

     “Houston Stewart Chamberlain, an Englishman living in Germany, combined the social theories of Gobineau, the philosophy of Nietzsche, and anti-Semitism in his book Foundations of the Nineteenth Century, published in 1899 in German and in 1911 in English. In this work, Gobineau’s supremacy of the aristocracy became Nordic supremacy race and blood were welded into a pseudoscientific sociology upon which the final Aryan-race and superman theories were fashioned. Like so many other racists, Chamberlain became a traitor to his country, defecting to the Germans during World War I.

     “As the race theorists enlarged upon their philosophies, anti-Semites gave them practical application. Jewish history was vulgarized, distorted, and changed to fit the new needs. The first of these books to synthesize racism and anti-Semitism was Drumont’s La France juive, published in 1886. It helped give people who entertained anti-Semitic feelings a reason for feeling the way they did.”[3]

     I personally made a trip to The Pitts Emory Theological Library in Atlanta, Georgia in January of 1998 to read Chamberlain’s book. I must admit his words of hatred towards the Jewish people were the most virulent I’ve read in many years. His lies and gross inaccuracies along with his diagrams, shown here, turned my stomach.



     Diagrams and text, which imply that Jews are members of an “inferior race”. This greatly influenced Nazi decisions and helped precipitate the holocaust. Reproduced from Houston Stewart Chamberlain’s book translated in 1911, Foundations of the Nineteenth Century.



     Hitler became indoctrinated with Chamberlain’s material and another falsified document known to history as, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This horrific piece of literature claimed that the Jews were plotting to overthrow the world. A portion reads:

     “We shall talk with the people on the streets and squares and teach them to take the view of political questions which at the moment we require. For what the ruler says to the people spreads through the country like wildfire, the voice of the people carries it on all four winds.

     “ ‘We—the Beast always says ‘We’ for he is Legion-’shall create unrest, struggle, and hate in the whole of Europe and thence in other continents. We shall at all times be in a position to call forth the new disturbances at will, or to restore the old order.’

     “Unremittingly we shall poison the relations between peoples and states of all countries. By envy and hatred, by struggle and warfare, even by spreading hunger, destitution and plagues, we shall bring all peoples to such a pass that their only escape will lie in total submission to our domination.

     “We shall stultify, deduce, ruin the youth.

     “We shall not stick at bribery, treachery, treason, as long as they serve the realization of our plans. Our watchword is: Force and hypocrisy!

     “In our arsenal we carry a boundless ambition, burning avidity, a ruthless thirst for revenge, relentless hatred. From us emanates the specter of fear, all-embracing terror.”[4]

     Trevor Ravenscroft, in his interesting book, The Spear of Destiny, has well documented and shown to my satisfaction, beyond doubt, the details of how this falsified document called, The Protocols of the Elders [wise men] of Zion was used to create Anti-Semitism (hatred of the Jewish people) in Germany and thereafter worldwide.

     We reproduce the following segment of his work to give credence to our agreement in Appendix 3 where we quoted the British Scholar, Trevor Roper noted that Hitler had read “Protocols” in his introduction to Hitler’s Secret Conversations (also known as Table Talk) to illustrate the impact this horrifying document has had on world Jewry and why!

     Ravenscroft has revealed that: “...Alfred Rosenberg....presented Adolf Hitler with a blueprint to total power—The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion.

     The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion purported to be a record of the proceedings of the World Congress of Jewry held in Basel in 1897 at which, it was claimed, plans were laid and resolutions carried towards achieving world domination.

     “Rosenberg, a romantic of a sinister kind, had a mysterious story to tell about how a copy of the Protocols came into his possession. He claimed that a total stranger had presented him with it. ‘The man, whom I had never seen before, came into my study without knocking, put the book on my desk and vanished without saying a word.’

     “The Protocols proved to be an appendix to a work called The Anti-Christ. It was written by a degenerate Russian writer called Nilus, a rascally pupil of the great and profound Russian philosopher, Soloviev... After the first quick reading of the manuscript, Alfred Rosenberg knew the Protocols to be a forged document. He also knew that he was holding in his hands both political and racial dynamite, which, if used to advantage, might even become the key to his own personal success in a hostile world.

     “Rosenberg, despite his Jewish antecedents, gained entry into the Thule Gesellschaft by showing the Protocols to Dietrich Eckart who proved wildly excited on reading the contents. The manuscript caused similar jubilation at a meeting of the Thule Committee that was held to discuss the most effective way to publish the work.

     “The Thulists decided not to associate the publication of the Protocols with their own occult movement, outwardly known for its vicious anti-Semitic feelings. An independent publisher, Ludwig Müller, of Munich, was chosen to put out the first edition of the work.

     The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion had just the anticipated effect among German intellectuals who had been vainly searching for the scapegoat to explain the defeat of the Fatherland in the World War. At last they believed they had found the real explanation of how Germany had been stabbed in the back while her loyal soldiers were still fighting on French soil. The vile and loathsome Yiddish conspiracy had at last been unveiled.

     “Edition after edition rolled off the press but the demand continued to increase. Foreign publishers saw it as a great money-spinner and the Protocols appeared in almost every country in the world. Everywhere it circulated people began to discuss the existence of an international network of Jewry secretly conspiring to control world capital and cunningly to manipulate even mastermind, world politics with the aim of dominating all life on the planet. [Ravenscroft footnotes planet as follows:]

     “ ‘In England the Morning Post published a whole series of articles which gave credence to the Protocols. The Times, more skeptical, demanded an immediate investigation to find out the truth, if any, of the serious accusations against the Jews’.....[5]

     Ravencroft continues as he quotes an actual passage from protocols: “ ‘We [Jews] shall everywhere arouse ferment, strife, and enmity,’ says...We shall unleash a terrible war on the world....  We shall bring the people to such a pass that they will voluntarily offer us the leadership through which we shall dominate the whole world.’

     “The explanation of how the Protocols fell into non-Jewish hands was yet another cunning lie. Nilus maintained that a Jewish courier carrying the shorthand notes of the proceedings at the Basel Conference had been bribed to divulge them. For a large sum of cash he was supposed to have permitted agents of the Ocarina to make a copy of the notes before he himself delivered them for safe keeping to the archives of the ‘Rising Sun’ Lodge of the Freemasons in Frankfurt. The whole story was an obvious fabrication. Unfortunately, only too many people were only too willing to believe it. The Protocols aroused the wave of seething hatred for the Jews upon which Adolf Hitler rose to power.”[6]

     “William Shirer [In The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich] describes the first meeting between Adolf Hitler and Houston Stewart Chamberlain:

     “It was on the Third Reich...that this Englishman’s influence was the greatest. His racial theories and his burning sense of destiny of the Germans and Germany were taken over by the Nazis, who acclaimed him as one of their prophets....It is likely that Hitler first learned of Chamberlain’s writings before he left Vienna. In Mein Kampf He expresses the regret that Chamberlain’s observations were not more heeded during the Second Reich.

     “Chamberlain was one of the first intellectuals in Germany to see a great future for Hitler—and new opportunities for the Germans if they followed him. Hitler had met him in Bayreuth in 1923, and though ill, half-paralyzed and disillusioned by Germany’s defeat and the fall of the Hohenzollern Empire—the collapse of all his hopes and prophecies! —Chamberlain was swept off his feet by the eloquent young Austrian.

     “ ‘You have mighty things to do,’ he wrote Hitler on the following day....’ My faith in Ger­man­ism has not wavered for an instant, though my hope, I confess, was at a low ebb. With one stroke you have transformed the state of my soul. That in the hour of her deepest need Germany gives birth to a Hitler proves her vitality; as so the influences that emanate from him; for these two things—personality and influence—belong together....’

     “The hypnotic magnetism of Hitler’s personality worked liked a charm on the aging, ill philosopher and renewed his faith in the people he had chosen to exalt. This remarkable Englishman’s seventieth birthday, on September 5th, 1925, was celebrated with five encomiums in the Nazi Völkischer Beobachter, which hailed his ‘Foundations of the Nineteenth Century’ as ‘The ...[Good News] of the Nazi Movement,’ and he went to his grave 16 months later with high hopes that all he had preached...would yet come true under the...guidance of this new German Messiah.’

     “Alfred Rosenberg,...of The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion,... introduced the ex-Corporal [Hitler] with the hypnotic voice to the man who was chased by demons [The voice of Chamberlain].      “Chamberlain’s teachings conceived Aryan blood to be the essential factor in the breeding of a future Master Race....Though the whole content of this discussion between the two men...has never been reported, it was the implication of Chamberlain’s words which later inspired Rosenberg to write the racial...[guide] of Nazism: The Twentieth Century Myth. One thing is certain. Chamberlain convinced Hitler that [occult] religion and politics could be fused together to support the new image of the Herrenvolk.

     “Chamberlain, whose clairvoyant faculties had mysteriously dispersed at the disastrous failure on the Western Front at the outbreak of World War I, was now seized anew with a strange excitement which mysteriously enkindled his former vision for the remaining years of his life.”[7]




     In my reading of Chamberlain’s book I personally found it to be both sickening and hilarious at the same time. The absurdity of Chamberlain’s work can be seen in claims which, in today’s scholastic world, can not possibly stand. These erroneous claims include: 1/ Jesus was not a Jew; 2/ The Jewish person’s larynx are shaped different and this is why Jews alone can pronounce the guttural pronunciation of Hebrew and 3/ The Jews lineage from Abraham is ‘forged.’ To document what we have said we quote portions of Chamberlain’s work. Chamberlain makes this statement:  

     “Whoever makes the assertion that Christ was a Jew is either ignorant or insincere.”[8]

     However, any fair reading of the Gospels regarding Jesus’ observance of Jewish holy festivals and an examination of His genealogy prove conclusively He is Jewish.[9]

     Chamberlain further wrote that:   “In Judah and the neighboring lands Aramaic was spoken at the time of Christ; Hebrew was already a dead language, preserved only in the sacred writings. We are now informed that the Galleons spoke so peculiar and strange a dialect of Aramaic that one recognized them from the first word; ‘thy language betrayeth thee’ the servants of the High Priest cry to Peter.* The acquisition of Hebrew is said to have been utterly impossible to them, the gutturals especially presenting insuperable difficulties, so that they could not be allowed, for example, to pray before the people, as their “wretched accent made every one laugh.” † This fact points to a physical difference in the form of the larynx and would alone lead us to suppose that a strong admixture of non-Semitic blood had taken place; for the profusion of gutturals and facility in using them are features common to all Semites.”[10]      Chamberlain footnotes Semites as follows,  “See, for example, the comparative table in Max Müller: Science of Language, 9th ed., p. 169 and in each separate volume of the Sacred Books of The East. How exceedingly difficult it is for such inherited linguistic marks of race to disappear altogether is well known to us all through the example of the Jews living among us; a perfect mastery of the lingual sounds is just as impossible for them as the mastery of the gutturals for us.”[11]

     Chamberlain’s evidence from such unreliable commentary is illegitimate and wholly without foundation. Furthermore recent findings show that Hebrew was not a dead language at the time Chamberlain claims.[12]

     Chamberlain continues with his self styled irresponsible inaccurate words, accusing  the Jews of falsifying the Bible as he writes, “The Israelite borrowed from the Canaanite the whole tradition of Prophets, as also the whole outward cult and the tradition of the sacred places.§ I need not discuss in detail what every one can find in the Bible (sometimes certainly obscured by so many strange-sounding names that one needs an expert guide), namely, the great part played by the Hittites and by their relatives the Philistines in the history of Israel. Thrill the fusion was far advanced and the difference in names had disappeared, we find them everywhere, particularly among the best soldiers and how many details in this connection must have disappeared after the later editing of the Bible by the Jews, who endeavored to cut out all that was alien to them and to introduce the fiction of a pure descent from Abraham!”[13]

     Once Hitler became thoroughly indoctrinated with the above and Chamberlain’s other works which included a book he’d authored on Richard Wagner (Wagner was Chamberlain’s mentor and father-in-law) Hitler decided to try his hand at eliminating the “inferior races.” In Chamberlain’s work on Wagner, Chamberlain reveals, “...he [Wagner] recognized the Indo-Germanic race as qualitatively the highest...”[14]  It is a documented fact that Chamberlain was controlled by demons. William Shirer who wrote The Rise and Fall of Third Reich, which has become a classic on the subject of Nazi Germany said that, “Houston Stewart Chamberlain was given to seeing demons who, by his own account, drove him relentlessly to seek new fields of study and get on with his prodigious writing...he...wrote feverishly on a biological thesis:...Race and history....written in the grip of a terrible fever...as he says in his autobiography, Lebenswege, he was often unable to recognize...his own work...”[15]

     Trevor Ravenscroft has also noted that General Von Moltke knew much about Chamberlain including the following: “....demons... drove him on into the feverish continuation of his work, leaving him later like an exhausted shell, frequently in near hysteria or on the point of collapse. Agents of the Abwehr keeping a close watch on Chamberlain had even reported seeing him fleeing from such invisible demons!....The General...had no doubt at all that Chamberlain was in the hands of demonic intelligences who sought to influence and disrupt the course of European history. Yet he could see no possibility of persuading the Kaiser that the Englishman might bring about the eclipse of the Hohenzollern Dynasty and bring Germany to defeat at the hands of her enemies....Konrad Heiden in his brilliant biography of Adolf Hitler, Der Führer comes astonishingly near to the truth when he writes: ‘Chamberlain had learned from the great masters of world domination...who created, as he says, by order of the Persian King, the race-conscious Jewish people. To penetrate other nations, to devour them from within by superior intellect, bred in course of generations, to make themselves the dominant intelligence in foreign nations, and thus to make the world Jewish—this, according to Chamberlain, is the aim of the Jewish Race.’ ”[16]

     This author, after reading Chamberlain’s work, realizes how wrong Chamberlain was in virtually everything he comments on—including the above. As noted earlier from his diagrams and comments that Jesus was not Jewish—clearly Chamberlain was only a pawn whom demons sought to use to destroy the Jewish people because they are God’s people, who one day will, with the Messiah, inaugurate world redemption.

     The holocaust claimed 6 million Jewish lives and had Hitler not been stopped, world Jewry today would not exist. Truly 1/2 million[17] Jews lives were saved, mostly by Christians, as we have shown in Chapters 12-14 of The End of History- Messiah Conspiracy and we thank the Lord for this. Today true believers stand by ready to help the Jews should anyone attempt another holocaust. We love our Jewish friends.




     I, for one, love to give gifts and it is also fun to obtain something in return. However, for me “it is more blessed to give than to receive” as Jesus claims in (Acts 20:35). I feel so good afterwards, yet I don’t give for that reason at all. In Israel I have given out thousands of Bibles and Hebrew books about end time prophecy and Jesus. In the United States I give my Jewish friends Hanukkah presents and copies of my books. This makes me feel wonderful. However, all are not so thrilled to receive.

     Once I gave a schoolteacher, who had a fascination with minerals, a giant geode. A few days later I got it back in the mail with a note which said “I can not accept a gift from you just as I can not accept anything else. I suppose you meant well but this has cost me some time and trouble to return...do not try to give me anything else.” I was never so hurt in all my life. A few years later, she accepted my gift, but to this day she will not speak to me. I remember once she told me she didn’t want to be friends with me as once we were so close (she was like a mom when I was in my early teens). Because she felt she couldn’t give me what she felt I needed, she didn’t want to be obligated.

     To this day I remember and truly wish I could be friends with this teacher although it has been nearly 30 years since I was her student. She was so warm and kind to me in my childhood but no matter how many of my own books or letters I send over the years[18] they are never answered. I still feel hurt when I am reminded of that stone cold silence which was so uncharacteristic of a once joyful, caring and very concerned warm person. Although I am hurt,
I forgive her unconditionally
-always. When superiority complexes, obligations  and feelings of inability to repay others becomes a hang-up, it would seem demons take advantage and use circumstances to gain a foothold to further their own interest. Whatever they may be![19]

     I was shocked to discover, in my research on Anti-Semitism, that in Hitler’s youth he was heavily befriended and given things—by whom? Jews! M. Hirsh Goldberg, in his fascinating book, The Jewish Connection, has noted “Politics aside, Hitler had more reasons to like Jews than to hate them... Gestapo files clearly show Jewish art dealers befriended the youthful Hitler in Vienna when he was destitute and ‘paid generously for his mediocre water colors.’ Indeed, most of the paintings Hitler did sell were bought by Jewish dealers.

     “During this period in his life, Hitler was also shown compassion by his landlady, a Jewish woman, who charged him only a small rent because of his situation. Once, to provide more space for Hitler and a friend, she even moved out of her own apartment.

     “Another Jew who befriended Hitler at that time was a Hungarian old-clothes dealer who gave him a long black overcoat. In The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, William Shirer relates that Hitler wore it so much that the shabby black coat hanging down to his ankles was still remembered by those who knew him then.”[20]

     Though Hitler rode to power on an Anti-Jewish platform and felt Jews were an inferior race, he didn’t have to continue to murder them in the holocaust once he was dictator of Germany to remain dictator! He would have succeeded much more in his war effort, if he had left them alone. (At the end he was in bad need of soldiers. The Jews would have made good soldiers. He really didn’t need to murder them and take their money.[21] For he had looted the national treasuries of all Europe and had an abundance of gold, an amount unsurpassed in history! General Patton found two billion dollars in gold bullion in one German salt mine alone).



Two billion dollars in sacked up gold bullion in
a salt mine close to Merkers, Germany.


     Perhaps it is possible Hitler had a deep inner feeling of unconscious obligation. He felt he could never repay so he hated them so much, he wouldn’t stop killing them. Hitler realized Christianity (Jewish Messianism) was the “Jewish resultant faith and the fulfillment of Jewish prophecy” and hated Christians also, in much the same way and in using  race as an excuse, murdered more Christians than Jews.

     The Jewish Scholar Max I. Dimont has rightly pointed out that: “We must recognize the fact that Nazism was not just anti-Semitic but anti-human. Because Nazi beliefs of racial superiority had no basis in fact, Nazism was like a nightmare, unfolding without a past or future in an ever-moving present. Because none but German Aryans were qualified to live in the Nazi view, it stood to reason that everyone else would be exterminated. The chilling reality is that when the Russians overran the concentration camps in Poland they found enough Zyklon B crystals to kill 20 million people. Yet there were no more than 3 million Jews left in Europe. The ratio of contemplated mass killing was no longer 1.4 Christians for every Jew, but 5.3 Christians for every Jew. Nazi future plans called for  the killing of 10 million non-Germanic people every year...The imagination of the rest of the Western world could not encompass such antihuman concepts, because the Western mind was still imbued with Jewish and Christian humanism and concerned with spiritual values, whereas in Germany these had been expunged by Nazism. If the Christian reader dismisses what happened in Germany as something which affected a few million Jews only, he has not merely shown his contempt for the 7 million Christians murdered by the Nazis but has betrayed his Christian heritage as well. And, if the Jewish reader forgets the 7 million Christians murdered by the Nazis, then he has not merely let 6 million Jews die in vain but has betrayed his Jewish heritage of compassion and justice. It is no longer a question of the survival of the Jews only. It is the question of the survival of man.”[22]

     Hitler also feared he was part Jewish and as some have claimed, he indeed may have been. Might this be the reason for his own self-destruction in the end? Again Mr. Goldberg astonished me when he wrote, “...Hitler’s father was illegitimate, and the identity of Hitler’s grandfather has never been established. Since Hitler made such an issue of everyone else’s ancestry, it surely must have crossed his mind that his own family tree could come to haunt him. And haunt him it did, for he had reason to fear that his father’s father was a Jew.

     “During Hitler’s rise to power, his half-brother supposedly threatened in a letter to divulge Hitler’s Jewish ancestry. Toward the end of 1930, Hitler asked Hans Frank, who was at the time serving as lawyer to Hitler’s political party, to investigate the basis for the threat. Frank, who became the Governor General of Poland when it was taken over by the Nazis, reported as part of his confession at Nuremberg that, when he looked into the matter, he was able to substantiate that Hitler’s grandfather was Jewish. He said he discovered that Hitler’s grandfather had been the son of a Jewish family called Frankenburger, living in Gratz, who had employed Hitler’s grandmother as a maid. Frank said that he uncovered letters written by the Jewish family to Hitler’s grandmother, Maria Anna Schicklgruber, who had become pregnant by the son, then nineteen, while working in their home, and that the family made regular payments to her during the first fourteen years of her child’s life to help support him...Hitler was concerned about who his grandfather was and initiated searches to find out. According to [Dr. Walter] Langer Hitler knew of a study that had been made by the Austrian police and tried to get the incriminating evidence. But Austrian Chancellor Dollfuss had hidden the report, so Hitler never found it.

     “Robert Waite puts the whole issue into stark perspective in his Afterward, saying, “The point of overriding psychological and historical importance is not whether it is true that Hitler had a Jewish grandfather; but whether he believed that it might be true. He did so believe, and that fact shaped both his personality and his public policy...according to Hitler’s own perverted racial concepts, which searched back through generations for Jewish ancestors, he would have been tainted with Jewish blood.”[23]



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