“Men’s curiosity searches past and future.”         T.S. ELIOT







         In answering Joe’s dilemma in how he was awaken by Nazis and the sound of SS troops in 1950 a secret diary was discovered in an underground library which summarized: In the year 2010 a young anti-Semitic (Jew hating) scientist, Adolf Mengele, an illegitimate child of the escaped Nazi war criminal, Joseph Mengele, is hard at work in time travel experimentation. He was always fascinated with time and learned much from Einstein’s works on the subject.

     Young Adolf was conceived in the late 1970’s. His father, Joseph, never saw him, but left a map in his safety deposit box under an assumed name, which would guide his son to one of the biggest stashes of Nazi gold ever to be found.

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     The cave, which held over fifty billion dollars in gold bouillon, was in Western Europe and had remained hidden for almost 70 years.

     When Adolf was a young boy he always asked his German, although American born, mother about his father. He wanted to know where he was and why everyone was so hushed on the subject. He would ask about ‘Dad’ and his mother and all of her friends and family would become silent, looking at each other, as if a bomb had dropped, only to quickly, but subtlety, change the subject.

     One day Adolf’s mother, when she felt the child was old enough to know the truth, sat him down and told him the entire story of who his father was. She explained that his father was in hiding during the later half of the twentieth century, enduring, she thought, until the late 1980’s through the mid 1990’s and now was most probably dead of old age. This took a toll on Adolf during his teenage years and he became a very bitter, yet ambitious individual.

     He was bitter and upset about his father’s having to hide and look over his shoulder for fear of being apprehended and tried for his crimes against the Jews since Hitler was defeated in 1945.

     He was ambitious and very excited about his technical research in time travel and now it seemed he had put together a machine which might be able to propel him backwards in time to where he had always wanted to go—back to 1939—to meet the most hated man who had lived to date, Adolf Hitler, his namesake.

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     His plan was malicious. He intended to give classified military secrets, old videotapes and newspaper clippings regarding the Atomic bomb to Adolf Hitler, six years before the end of the war. He intended to do this so as to convince Hitler to maintain atomic research as a first priority and to insure he obtained the bomb first, before the United States! He intended for Hitler to win the war and change history—forever!

     This young devil of a man, now in his thirties, had a grudge to grind with Israel and the Jews. He was very angry with Israel and her secret service for capturing Adolf Eichman in 1960 and bringing him to trial in Jerusalem and thereafter executing him.

     He had nightmares where he saw Hitler shoot himself through the mouth only to be delivered to the burning flame.

     He was most angry about the Israeli’s relentless pursuit of his father, Dr. Joseph Mengele*, who had performed medical experiments of torture on so many helpless Jews. His wicked father had evaded capture until 1998.

     At the time of his apprehension Joseph Mengele was eighty-seven years old. Pursuing tips, the Israeli Intelligence Organization called MOSAD, followed leads that took them to his hideaway in Greece.     Thirty-eight years before, he had narrowly escaped the MOSAD from his previous hideout in Argentina. He had left his home only five days before the MOSAD Agents located his residence, as

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he was warned by the Nazi underground, the Brudenschaft, of Eichman’s capture, which had just taken place.  In 1979, Mengele placed four of his pulled teeth into someone else’s altered skull, which was exhumed in 1985, fooling medical experts after the world believed he had drowned in Brazil.

     However, since that time he had had cosmetic surgery and used the identity of an old jewelry merchant, George Constintine Papadious. But it would seem that his time had run out! Israel’s top agent, Isaac Baraak, had closed in on him.

     The MOSAD had bugged his cell phone and followed him 24 hours a day. When they had his schedule down pat, they planned his abduction. An agent visited his home one evening impersonating a vacuum cleaner salesman. Mengele, being suspicious of this man, declined his demonstration, insisting that he did not want to buy a vacuum cleaner.

     Another man emerged from the car in the drive and came to the door. Mengele, realizing what was about to happen, scrambled to get out the back door. The two agents followed him through the house. Mengele ran out the back only to face two additional agents who were waiting for him there. Three agents tackled him. As the three men held him on the ground, the fourth handcuffed, gagged, and threw him in the back of the car. They transported him to a nearby hotel room where they would question him to be sure they had the right man.  Once in the room his handcuffs and gag were removed. Two agents stood guard outside the room while two remained

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with Mengele. As he was being questioned one of the agents took his fingerprints.

     Mengele’s fingerprints matched Israel’s file copies and he broke down under interrogation even before his dental records were compared.

     Now the truth would be known to all the world at another trial in Jerusalem. This evil man, who tortured untold numbers of Jews and murdered so many, he couldn’t remember how many, would now pay the price! It was time for him to be brought to justice. He was to be taken back to Israel in the baggage compartment of a Greek freighter to the Port of Haifa where he would be transported to Jerusalem for trial and execution—just like his fellow Nazi, Adolf Eichman, was in 1960.

     However, this time around something would go wrong—drastically wrong. During the night of August 11, 1998, the day before he was to be sedated, gagged, tied up and placed in a padded, wooden crate for transport to Israel, he escaped.

     A Greek milk truck driver lost control of his vehicle carrying over 10,000 gallons of milk and crashed into the wooden house where Mengele was being readied for transport. The needle containing the injection of the drug, that would put him out for at least 48 hours, now was only an inch away from his arm. Suddenly the Israeli agent holding the needle was knocked from his feet by the impact of the milk truck’s headlights into his chest.

     The front end of the truck ended up between the cellar and first floor of that old wooden, abandoned house that was to be the last private hiding place of


Joseph Mengele. Upon impact Mengele was freed. His Israeli captors were dazed and he was on the loose. He ran deep into the nearby woods and almost escaped for a second and possibly the last time. Baraak, the only agent able to run after the crash had taken place, got within shooting range of Mengele and fearing he would escape again, this time forever, through the Nazi underground, fired a shot in an attempt to wound and immobilize him. Mengele fell. As Baraak approached, he saw he had accidentally shot him right between the eyes¾he was gone!

     Later, when the other agents had recovered, a decision regarding the disposal of Mengele was made. His body would be taken to a Greek crematorium where he would be cremated.

     Joseph Steinberg, one of the other Israeli agents had paid off John Papageorge, the owner of the crematoria which was built for the few Greeks who for one reason or another passed on burial, the most predominant Greek tradition.

     The body was given to Papageorge. One of the other Israeli agents accompanied it as Papageorge rolled Mengele into the chamber where his body was to be transformed into a mere three pounds of ashes. This agent, code named Samuel Simon, watched as the chamber was closed and the fires were turned up. The security team planned to deliver the ashes to the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, upon their return to Israel, in secret.

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Albert Einstein

* See Author’s Notes to see what became of this evil man.