“This thing is the Plaque of Thebes.”

Nuclear Scientist JULIUS ROBERT OPPENHEIMER on the H-bomb.






       Adolf Mengele, the son of the late Joseph Mengele, landed in Berlin. One hundred and twenty-three tanks and over two thousand troops had surrounded him. Hitler was immediately told that a “flying saucer” had landed. He was on his way in his Chauffeur driven Mercedes Benz to view a “man from another world.”

     The ship was cooling—still too hot to touch. Liquid nitrogen had cooled the inside enough for its passenger to survive. Mengele and all his uranium, news reel videotaped footage and newspaper articles from 1945 to 2010 were now safe in a 1939 Berlin.

     After two hours Mengele had begun to open the door of the space ship. As the door opened a barrage of gunfire hit the door. He was wounded and the SS officers burst into the ship.

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“fliegende Untertasse”

unidentifiziertes fliegendes Objekt


     Mengele was unconscious. German emergency military personnel flew him to a nearby hospital and all of his belongings were confiscated and taken to Nazi labs to be disassembled and studied.

     German Army intelligence had notified Hitler of the ship almost from the moment it showed up on German radar screens. He had been summoned and was enroute to visit this special captive patient.      Within a short period of time the Führer had arrived at the health care facility as Mengele lay near death in Berlin’s top hospital of that day. Every effort was being made to save this “space man.”

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Hitler approaches the entrance to the hospital where the space man is being cared for.


     Hitler now entered the lobby of the hospital and every nurse and every doctor stopped what they were doing, momentarily, to salute him, spewing, “Heil Hitler,” as he passed. Once on the elevator with his bodyguards he exclaimed, “This I have to see for myself, a man from another planet?” As he entered Mengele’s room Hitler asked the doctors if he was going to be all right and if he could be questioned soon. The doctor, assigned to his personal care, Burgdorf, said it was too early to tell but that it would be at least two weeks before he might be well enough to be questioned.

     Hitler stared at this half dead man, who lay in a comma and worriedly picked up the phone and called in the top surgeons of Berlin. He told them that this was a high priority and that anything and everything that could be done to save this man was of the utmost importance.

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Hitler calls the top surgeons.


     Once his condition worsened Mengele was taken to the Critical Care Unit down the hall from his room. His vital signs were read and recorded. A complete set of x-rays were taken before medication was administered for pain. His eyes were dilated and his skin was pale and clammy. A nurse was assigned to watch him round the clock and guards were posted outside his room.

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     After following this special patient into ICU, Hitler stood over his bed with a worried look on his face and then patted Mengele on the cheek saying, “You get well, get well soon, for me—I’ve got questions for you.”

     As the doctors and nurses looked on—Hitler placed his officer’s cap back on his head and left the room commanding the doctor, “Notify me of any changes immediately.”

     As Hitler exited the hospital a Nazi armored personnel carrier pulled up beside his Limo and an agent from the laboratory, where all of Mengele’s things had been taken, jumped out and hurriedly gave the Führer a brief case which contained old newspaper articles and video tapes. The articles appeared to be old, tattered and yellowed, yet dated past that present year of 1939. The man exclaimed, “Here, my Führer, these were in his ship.” Hitler took the material and tapes and looked at them with interest as he got into his car.


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     Hitler began to examine some of the newspapers that Mengele had brought. He had no idea what a TV set was or what these black plastic boxes were that had rolls of tape inside with the English words “video cassette” inscribed thereon. No one would succeed in playing such videos without Mengele’s help because the player itself was damaged. However, once Hitler had reviewed the old newspapers from 1939 to 1955 on his way to the man’s ship, he wondered if this was some sort of hoax planned by the allies to discourage his war effort. Was it all fake, or was this a man from the future, as the evidence seemed to indicate.



     Hitler was taken to the ship and was amazed as he said, “Even I could not design a plane like this one, what makes it fly! Where are the propellers?” He was at a loss of words and did not sleep that


night and was agitated for days afterward. He constantly questioned........5 more pages in this chapter.