“In 1939 news came to Einstein that German physicists had succeeded in producing nuclear fission. The uranium atom could now be split. Germany might be able to develop a bomb.”

WILLIAM HURT, Narrator of a PBS special,

“A. Einstein, How I See The World”


“...The key discovery that led to the atomic bomb was made in Germany.”               COLLIERS ENCYCLOPEDIA. Volume 17, 1997


“For even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Therefore it is not surprising that his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness.”                           2 CORINTHIANS 11:13-15






         The next day Hitler and Mengele make their way to the Hamburg Military Research Laboratory where all of Mengele’s videotapes were stored. German electronics analysts were unable to view these tapes because certain circuits and wires were cut between the TV’s components while the Nazi soldiers were breaking in to the ship. Gunfire had stripped two critical wires and Nazi scientists were not sure

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where to re-solder the leads in order to correctly repair a unit, which was so strange to them.

     Mengele quickly spliced the correct wires together and also repaired the video player. He then loaded a tape of Hitler’s 1940 victories that contained a segment announcing Germany’s surrender in 1945. Also recorded on the tape were some telecast newsreels of Hitler in a near death state greeting the Hitler youth from the outside of the bunker, shortly before his suicide.



     As the tape rolled, Hitler smiled as he saw one Nazi victory after another. He laughed and said, “Hey, that’s me. I look a little older but look, next year I’ll have France. Look that’s me in front of the Eiffel Tower.” He added, “Good work my boy, maybe you are for real. What a nice box—‘a movie in a box—of the future.’ What do you call this again, tele?”

     “Television,” Mengele replied.

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     Then as the 1945 defeat appeared on the screen and a half-dead Führer was seen patting boys of the Hitler Youth on the cheek, Adolf flinched! Shortly thereafter a blood filled bunker which contained the hanging body of Hans Krebs, Hitler’s last Chief of Staff, and the charred remains of Joseph Goebbels was now shown, as the tape continued to play.



Hans Krebs hanging from the bunker ceiling.



Joseph Goebbels burned to a crisp.

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     Hitler became white, again. “What’s this—are you trying to tell me we lose? What sort of joke is this? I am losing my patience,” Hitler fumed.      Mengele replied, “Yes and no.”

     “What—what do you mean, that doesn’t make any sense!” Hitler shouted.

     Yes, you did lose in the past, but now, with me here, ‘no’, you don’t have to lose in this alternative future that I will help you create. There is a new weapon your scientists were working on that America beat you to because the underground blew up your heavy water shipment in 1944 in Norway.

     The American Government used this big bomb to destroy Japan just weeks after you killed yourself, it took only two bombs and Japan surrendered. One bomb kills over 100,000 in Hiroshima and you could see its fireball for 200 miles.”

     “My boy,” Hitler shouts, “That’s impossible.” One of Hitler’s physicists, who had split the atom in an atomic experiment only weeks before, was now present with Hitler and Mengele. He quickly spoke up and said, “No!” Hitler said, “No, what?” in a voice of thunder. “No,” said the physicist again, “It is not impossible. We have just bombarded the uranium atoms nucleus with slow neutrons and we know that once enough heavy water can be manufactured we may be able to make a bomb that can do what this boy says.” Then the physicist asked Mengele, “How do you know about ‘heavy water’ anyway?”

     Hitler’s eyebrows raised almost off his face as he stuttered, saying calmly, ....... Five more pages in this chapter.