by Philip N. Moore, Cathy Taibbi (Illustrator)

Book Description
An excerpt from "The End of History - Messiah Conspiracy Volume II - Essays

About the Author
Philip Nicholas Moore was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1957. For many years, he studied Greek in Atlanta and Hebrew at Ulpan Etzion in Jerusalem. He spent eight years in Israel researching ancient Jewish beliefs and dedicated several years to researching the theological manuscripts of Isaac Newton at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Moore was a volunteer at the army base, Base Machena Natan, in Beersheba, Israel. He was also a volunteer on the Temple Mount excavation with archaeologists Elat and Binyamin Mazar, which yielded the discovery of the "first Temple gateway" in 1986.

For several years, Moore assisted in research for the well known Christian author Hal Lindsey. From 1988 to 1990, Moore was instrumental in the Hebrew dubbing and release of a Genesis Project film for C.C.C. in Jerusalem.

Presently, Philip Moore, residing in Atlanta, Georgia is under consideration for a doctorate degree by Immanuel Bible College and Baptist Seminary and is completing research for his sixth book, Israel and the Apocalypse Prophecies of Newton. Other books by Mr. Moore include: The End of History-- Messiah Conspiracy, Volume 1, Israel and the Apocalypse Prophecies of Newton, Nightmare of the Apocalypse--The Rabbi Conspiracy, Eternal Security for True Believers, A Liberal Interpretation of the Prophecy of Isreal--Disproved, What If Hitler Won The War?, The End of Earth as We Know It (Avail. 1999), Testimony Tapes of Israeli Messianic Believers, Garden Tomb Tour Video.

Other books by Philip N. Moore include:
The End of History: Messiah Conspiracy, Nightmare of the Apocalypse, The Rabbi Conspiracy: Excerpts from The End of History--Messiah Conspiracy Volume II Essays, What If Hitler Won The War?: Where Would We Be Today?, Eternal Security For True Believers, and A Liberal Interpretation On The Prophecy Of Israel - Disproved (Nostradamus: Biblical Sage or Sorcerer?)


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