The End of History—Messiah Conspiracy

CHAPTER 13—Philosophical Sabotage of our Bible Resulted in Holocaust

“See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ.” The New Testament,

from the apostle Paul’s letter to the residents of Colosse, written for
all Christians under the inspiration of God, Colossians 2:8 NASB

“Our dialectical philosophy abolishes all the notions of absolute and definitive truth.”1 Friedrich Engels’ eulogy for Karl Marx

“We do not want any other God but Germany itself.”2

Adolf Hitler, the German Führer

“God manifested himself not in Jesus Christ but in Adolf Hitler. Christ is a false prophet, for he was a Jew and Judaism is the source of all woes.”3

Dr. Joseph Paul Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda director


In light of Engels’ comment, we should keep in mind what Jesus said to certain Jews who had come to believe in Him: “...‘If you abide in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free’ ” (John 8:31-32 NASB).
After the world was released from Roman Catholic domination by the Reformation, we ask who sabotaged the unconditional acceptance the Bible was beginning to enjoy and why? I believe these questions can be answered by studying a select group of men who have literally changed the course of modern history with their philosophic ideas. As we discuss these men, you will see how each one, building upon the foundations of his predecessor, developed concepts which have led to socialism, communism, secular humanism, and existentialism. All of these movements have mushroomed in our day and fuel the fires of atheism. I believe the men we are about to study subverted the message of the Old and New Testaments just as the dominance of Roman Catholicism, which kept the Bible out of the hands of the people for over 1000 years, began to wane.
Why were so many people prevented from receiving the truths of the Bible after it was freed from the chains of Catholic rule? We think you will find a very good case as to why in the written philosophies of Kant, Hegel, Kierkegaard, Marx,
4 Darwin and Freud!


Hal Lindsey, the famous author who writes prolifically on the subject of Bible prophecy, says of these six men: “Satan took their concepts and wired the underlying frame of reference for our present historical, educational, philosophical, sociological, psychological, religious, economic, and political outlook. You and I and our children have been ingeniously conditioned to think in terms that are contrary to biblical principles and truths in all of these areas—and without our even realizing it.”5
In the post-Reformation era, once Catholicism’s governmental rule dissolved and we were freed from the grip of the Catholic Church, true believers began to emerge and freely teach their biblical faith. However, these men of philosophy laid the groundwork for godless liberalism and secular humanism. They attempted, with some degree of success, to undermine the basic fundamental beliefs in absolute truth, freedom and redemption, so cherished by Bible believing, born-again Christians, and the silent majority of our society.
There is no doubt that the philosophies we are about to briefly wade through were constructed as a deliberate and well organized challenge to the biblical beliefs of Western society. Read what John Dunphy had to say: “I am convinced that the battle for humankind’s future must be waged and won in the public school classroom by teachers who correctly perceive their role as the proselytizers of a new faith...these teachers must embody the same selfless dedication as the most rabid fundamentalist preachers, for they will be ministers of another sort, utilizing a classroom instead of a pulpit to convey humanist values in whatever subject they teach....The classroom must and will become an arena of conflict between the old and the new, the rotting corpse of Christianity, together with all its adjacent evils and misery, and the new faith of humanism....”

BORN 1772, DIED 1804

Immanuel Kant was a German who never travelled farther than sixty-nine miles from his birthplace in Prussia. Prior to Kant, classical philosophy was based on absolute standards. In other words, if one and one are two, they cannot become three. Philosophical values were absolute. Kant questioned absolutes and consequently, drastically altered philosophy by proposing the idea that: “ one can know anything except by experience. He believed that individual freedom lies in obedience to the ‘moral law that speaks within us.’ ”7
The World Book Encyclopedia notes of Kant: “The central problem of his chief work, the Critique of Pure Reason (1781), is the nature and limits of human knowledge.”
8 Kant was obsessed with the limits of human knowledge because of David Hume’s erroneous idea that there are no absolutes. Our reference points out: “Hume asked how we can possibly know that all bodies gravitate....”9
Interestingly enough, the greatest of all scientists, Sir Isaac Newton, who went on to be with Jesus when Kant was only three years old, had already proven in several scientific formulas and calculations that all bodies do indeed gravitate toward one another. This is the basic law of gravity, and we believe it applies to all of creation, including the Bible’s absolutes regarding God’s diagnosis of man’s dilemma—sin. Without Newton’s formulas, we would never have landed a man on the moon. Fortunately, science did not take Kant as the last word. We agree with the encyclopedia’s closing words, which point out: “...some philosophers regarded this refusal to claim absolute knowledge as too serious a limitation on a system of philosophy.”
10 Kant’s objection to absolute values led to a further modification of philosophy, which was introduced by a second philosopher.

BORN 1770, DIED 1831

Georg Wilhelm Hegel, another German who became known as the “philosophical dictator of Germany,” pressed the ideas of Kant11* forward.12 Hegel taught that a thought (thesis) turned against another thought (antithesis) would in turn result in a new fact he called “synthesis.” Hegel taught that the state need not keep moral laws and agreements and that all was relative—no absolutes. Absolutes are facts and truths which we use to reason and discover the logic of cause and effect. The biblical writer, Hal Lindsey, rightly commented: “When Hegel introduced the philosophical basis for relative thinking and rejected absolutes, he literally altered the future course of the world....As Hegel did away with cause-and-effect logic, there was no need for ultimate truth. With the elimination of an ultimate cause or truth, man could plunge headlong away from any necessity of believing in a Creator-God.”13
Later, Hegel’s “philosophy of relative thinking” found its way into the majority of American and European universities. The educational standard became the smarter you get, the closer you come to realizing that there is no god or absolutes, or, everything is relative. Hegel’s philosophy was studied and followed by Adolf Hitler and Karl Marx.

BORN 1813, DIED 1855

Sorën Kierkegaard of Denmark is known as the “father of contemporary existentialism.” Few laymen may know that Kierkegaard was a very despondent and depressed man; yet with books titled Fear and Trembling and The Sickness Unto Death, one does not have to guess. In his book, Fear and Trembling, you will find that he resents the idea “that a light shines upon the Christian world whereas a darkness broods over paganism.”15 To remedy this, he advocated the rejuvenating effect of “the eternal youth of the Greek race”; clearly a call to pagan worship and an expression of contempt for the Christian faith.
Kierkegaard greatly influenced the theology of his time. You do not have to wonder where liberal theology got its boost. There are people such as Jesse Jackson
16 and Jimmy Carter calling themselves “Christians” and teaching Sunday school, without having the slightest idea of what it’s all about! Liberal Protestant Christians deny the literal and fundamental understanding of the Scriptures. Fundamental writer Hal Lindsey says of Kierkegaard: “His writings are a denial of the basic tenets of the Christian faith and show a disdain for those who do not agree with his intellectual pursuits. He was the first man to launch a system of thought in which despair[17] was the underlying current....Kierkegaard was one of the foremost proponents of the philosophy which has swept the intellectual world right down to our time. He introduced the tenets of Kant and Hegel into the theology of the Christian faith....This was the beginning of ‘existential thought.’ ”18

BORN 1818, DIED 1883

Karl Marx, a German Jew who did not care much for Jews,19 collaborated with his only lifelong friend, Friedrich Engels, and
decided to pit the working class (proletariat) against the property-owning class he called the bourgeoisie. In the revolution he
envisioned, he hoped to abolish private property and the Christian
faith, which he maintained was the “opiate of the masses.” Hal
Lindsey notes: “Marx became involved at the University of Berlin
with a left-wing group which followed the philosophy of Hegel. Their main thrust at that time was to throw out[
20] Christianity.”21
Marx used Hegel’s philosophy of change—thesis, antithesis, synthesis—to legitimize his brand of revolutionary change. In the Marx version, the rich were the thesis, the working poor and middle class were the antithesis and their clash was expected to produce a new state, “communism,” which was the synthesis. We can see this design quite clearly in Marx’s whole philosophical plan of operation.
Marx thought that all evil could be traced to “the evil” of private property (you need not wonder if he had any—he did not). Almost everything he owned was pawned. He did not even take care of his own family, allowing his children to starve.
22 Marx and his friend Engels, influenced by Rabbi Moses Hess, argued that if the abolition of private property and the “oppressing force” of religion could be destroyed, the world would live in peace under a “classless society.” In this society, property, or as Marx called it, “means of production,” would be owned by the government. In reality, as we know, the communist elite owned the property and used it to control the people. This is a religion within itself. Our fundamental friend, Hal, accurately relates to us: “It is time for the world to realize that Communism is not just another political philosophy, but a religion—a religion which promises utopia to its devotees. The state is worshipped in place of God. Communism deals with such basic issues as: What is man? What is man’s most basic problem? How can man be delivered from his problem? What is man’s destiny? In all these points Communism gives answers which are diametrically opposed to God’s truth.”23

BORN 1809, DIED 1882

Charles Darwin is one of the most misunderstood philosophers of our time. He had no scientific degrees or credentials and never proved to any degree that evolution was responsible for our existence. What he did do was unscientifically steal24 a philosophy, which he dubbed “natural selection.” He then called it “my theory” and claimed that it explained the beginning of our existence (see our Vol. II, chapter 5, “Darwinian Evolution: Fact, Fraud or Fiction?”, which details what really transpired in his hidden fiasco).
Is it any coincidence that the philosophies of Hegel and Marx were so beautifully justified by the philosophy of Darwin’s theory? Darwin’s entire unproved model of natural selection, which describes how one species struggles to survive over another, producing a “mutation” which is better able to survive, is based on Hegel’s thesis/antithesis produces a synthesis formula.
Marx asked Darwin if he could dedicate his book, Das Kapital, to Darwin, himself!
25 Lindsey says of this issue: “Conflict! Hegel and Marx would be happy—a scientist using their theories of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis....Hegel introduced the philosophical basis for man to see no necessity for a Creator-God. Darwin introduced what seemed to be a scientific basis for not believing in a Creator-God....The impact of this thought bomb is that since man had no special beginning, he has no special purpose or destiny.”26

BORN 1856, DIED 1939

Sigmund Freud is known as “the founder of psychoanalysis.” Though few realize it, Freud was a man greatly influenced by Darwin’s train of thought. It was clear that after Darwin introduced this “scientific proof” of evolution, it would only be a moment until all of our lives were changed permanently regarding our conception of God and human freedom, when the social application of all of these philosophic scratches were seemingly justified by Freud. Freud, an atheist, believed that: “The human race is motivated chiefly by pleasure....”27
Dr. A. A. Brill, in his book, The Basic Writings of Sigmund Freud, documents that Freud was: “...‘very attracted to Darwin’s theories because they offered the prospect of an extraordinary advance of human knowledge.’ ”
28 Hal Lindsey comments: “What did Freud believe?....Man is repressed by society in the fulfillment of his unconscious drive for gratification of his erotic desires; this repression makes him unhappy. The consequence of the conflict between our pleasure-seeking instincts and the repression exerted by our society is neurosis.”29
In our friend’s opinion, Boris Sokoloff rightly notes: “ ‘Freud’s doctrines, and particularly his ethics, are the product of his concept of the human race. There is no purpose in man’s existence. There is no goal in mankind’s presence on earth. There is no God...and if this is so, all is permitted.’ ”
30 This includes the loss of human freedom of worship, freedom of life, and freedom to vote, accompanied by the government being permitted to impose communism, using terror, murder and even genocide.
It was Lenin who picked up on these philosophies and made the philosophical writings of Marx a reality. He also referred to religion as the “opiate of the masses.” As an atheist, he used terror, murder and secret police to overpower the people and bring himself to rule in Russia. Lenin said: “ ‘...we will destroy the entire bourgeoisie [property owner of middle-class or higher, even a farmer with a crop], grind it to a powder....I will be merciless with all counter-revolutionaries.’ ”
As you read this, it may remind you of at least one communist country that resulted from the philosophies
32 which fed Lenin. China, with over one billion people held captive, unable to legally learn of God through the Bible,33 is just one result of these philosophies.


Adolf Hitler, the man responsible for attempting the greatest Jewish genocide in the history of humanity, was influenced by the
same philosophers. Few people realize that most of Hitler’s anti-Semitic ideas concerning the Hebrew race, which were adopted by the Nazi party, were taken from a book on race and history entitled Foundations of the Nineteenth Century, by Houston Steward Chamberlain. He was, by his own admission, demon-possessed. This little-known figure was an Englishman who became a German citizen. Chamberlain was well-versed in all the philosophies we have covered. He wrote about Kant and dabbled in the occult. It would be this book, translated into English in 1911, which would become championed by the Nazis and used to aggravate anti-Semitism worldwide.
R. L. Hymers, author of Holocaust II, says that this book dealt with: “...a fantastic race theory. He [Chamberlain] believed the Western nations were being weakened by oriental peoples breeding with the ‘pure’ Nordic races. He held that the Jews were the worst group of orientals.”
Hitler thoroughly adopted Chamberlain’s ideas about the Jewish people. These evil, horrifyingly perverted views about the Jews were probably responsible for much, if not all, of his wicked hatred against the people who gave this world the Holy Bible, both Old and New Testaments, through their ancestors, the Hebrew prophets and apostles!


Hal Lindsey, quoting William Shirer’s book, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, documents details about Chamberlain, his book and its influence on the one who murdered the people of God:35 “Here is Shirer’s description of Chamberlain, the man who inspired Hitler and his insane reign of terror and power: ‘Hypersensitive and neurotic and subject to frequent nervous breakdowns, Chamberlain was given to seeing demons who, by his own account, drove him on relentlessly to seek new fields of study and to get on with his prodigious writings. One vision after another forced him to change from...philosophy, to biography, to history. Once, in 1898, when he was returning from Italy, the presence of a demon became so forceful that he got off the train at Gardone, shut himself up in a hotel room for eight days and, abandoning some work on music that he had contemplated, wrote feverishly on a biological thesis until he had the germ of the theme that would dominate all of his later works: race and history.
‘Since he felt himself goaded on by demons, his books...were written in the grip of a terrible fever, a veritable trance...he says in his autobiography, Lebenswege, he was often unable to recognize them as his own work....His racial theories and his burning sense of the destiny of the Germans and Germany were taken over by the Nazis, who acclaimed him as one of their prophets. During the Hitler regime books, pamphlets and articles poured from the presses extolling the ‘spiritual founder’ [Chamberlain] of National Socialist Germany.’ ”


Hitler, the greatest German racist who ever lived, believed the German people who produced him were the “master race.” Thus anyone surpassing them in any way was to be destroyed. The Jews, of course, became a prime target, since their intellect just might be a little higher than that of the Germans. The Jews, with their rich heritage (which included the very oracles of God)37 and brilliant intellect, had to be detected and destroyed. Hitler wanted no competition with his “master race.”
Hitler idolized paganism and believed in using the occult to realize his ends. He created a Genealogical Research Society endowed with the task of finding “every Jew,” no matter how diluted their origin. People who had only one great, great grandparent, who were one-sixteenth Jewish, who did not even know they had Jewish blood coursing through their veins, found themselves arrested and led off to the death camps. R. L. Hymers documents Hitler’s fascination with the occult: “This emphasis on magic revealed Hitler’s interest in the occult and black magic. He even directed the Nazis to create an occult research bureau, which was named the ‘Bureau of Ancestral Heritage,’ referring to the fact that its purpose was to research and publicize the ancient occult practices of Germany.”
Joseph Carr noted that Hitler idolized the “Bavarian mountain tribesmen,” who were pagans.
39 Carr goes on to quote the authority Kubizek on Hitler’s obsession with the occult. Carr notes: “Included among Hitler’s private books were numerous volumes on...the occult and magic symbols. Kubizek reports in his own book that he once found Adolf in a great state of excitement over a book on witchcraft....Hitler was also fascinated with tales of Germanic and nordic mythology, especially the mythical heroes of gigantic proportions and pagan gods from the era before Christian missionaries ‘corrupted’ the Germanic tribesmen....Kubizek also tells us that books on the occult were among Hitler’s favorite reading matter. This interest was confirmed decades later when U.S. Army historians catalogued Hitler’s personal library and found numerous occultic volumes heavily annotated in Hitler’s fancy handwriting.”40

hitler followed the advice of his occult astrologers over that of his generals

Few know that astrology is a form of the occult and that Hitler used it extensively. In the video documentary, The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler: Black Fox, the narrator documents: “April, 1940, Hitler invades Denmark and Norway. Defenseless Denmark capitulates in four hours. Norway fights back hard, aided by a desperate expedition of British troops, but Norway is secured by the Nazis in twelve weeks. Hitler had ordered the North Sea action against the advice of his army staff. Now, flushed with victory, certain of weakness of the West, Hitler is, more than ever, convinced of his own military genius. May, 1940, again, against the advice of his cautious generals, but with the advice of his astrologers, Hitler orders attack. Through neutral Belgium and Holland, as in 1914, a German war machine slashes its way. The Maginot fortifications are bypassed. The Dutch, Belgium, French and British armies are smashed. At the Channel port of Dunkirk, the Allied survivors are driven into the sea. What the German armies of the first World War could not do in four years of battle, Hitler’s legions accomplish in six weeks.”41


There is no doubt that Hitler’s great interest in the occult encouraged his belief that Jews and Christians were to be destroyed as inferior races and faiths. Few realize that Hitler wanted to secretly kill all true Evangelical Christians, because he rightly understood that their faith was derived from biblical Judaism. R. L. Hymers, in his book Holocaust II, documents: “A cleavage developed in the German churches. Catholics and Protestants were divided into both camps; there were some of each on both sides. The first group accepted Hitler’s ideas, rejecting historic Christianity. The second group led by Bonhoeffer and others, became known as the ‘Confessing Church,’ for they confessed Christ, rather than Hitler, as their Lord and Leader.
Dr. Barth observed: Since the autumn of the previous year (1936), the State Party and Secret Police of the Third Reich have embarked upon a new attack...on the Evangelical Church....”


In Hymers’ little-known evidence, he goes on to cite a Nazi war song which clearly mentions the destruction of Jews, Christians, ministers and churches. He says: “A ‘fighting song’ of the young Nazi anti-church disciples of Hitler contained these words: The old Jewish shame at last swept away....German men, German women, beat the black band to a jelly. Hang them on the gallows...Ravens have been waiting. Plunge the knives into the minister’s body. We’ll be ready for any massacre. Hoist the Hohenzollerns high on the lamp-post! Hurl the hand grenades into the churches.”
We have always found it odd that some people have classified Hitler as a “Christian,” when in fact he hated true Christians, perhaps as much as he hated Jews! Hymers, in his “Religion of the Nazis” section, excellently illustrated Hitler’s hatred of Christianity because it is, in essence, part of the Jewish faith. Hymers, citing his quote from H. G. Baynes’ book, Germany Possessed, says: “Adolf Hitler hated Christianity. He was bent on its destruction, saying, Christianity is a hoax, a gangrene to be cut out. Germans have for too long been held in the bondage of a Jewish derived faith.”
44 The World Book Encyclopedia says: “...Hitler....hated Christianity, which he said was a religion for weaklings.”45
We might well point out that those whom Hitler’s twisted mind perceived as weaklings were, in fact, infinitely braver than all; for they, due to their faith, risked their lives and in some cases, lost them, in order to save Jews from the Holocaust. The Jewish scholar, Sholem Asch, speaking for an increasing number of Jews, said: “...Christianity also distinguished itself, in the particular of rescuing Jewish children, by the highest degree of self-sacrifice. It may be stated without exaggeration that almost the entire remnant of Israel which was found in the liberated countries—no matter how small its number—has the Christians to thank for its preservation, Christians who, by performing this action, placed their own lives in danger.”


It is a matter of public record that Hitler endorsed those who said that the Christian faith and National Socialism do not mix. Hence, Hitler was not a Christian, as opposed to what some misguided persons have thought and taught. He was a neo-paganist.
Thousands of Evangelical Christians were put to death by Hitler for helping the Jewish people escape his grasp. In a 1995 article, Elwood McQuaid told this story: “Considering the devastating attacks on the Bible and biblically orthodox Christianity brought by liberal theologians and their secular-humanist counterparts, it is little wonder that many nominally religious Germans were less than incensed at events taking place about them....the Nazis intended to destroy Christianity in Germany. Martin Bormann and Heinrich Himmler, encouraged by Hitler, promoted a return to the old paganism of the early tribal Germanic gods and a brand of neo-paganism created by Nazi fanatics. In 1941, Bormann stated publicly that ‘National Socialism and Christianity are irreconcilable’....The Pastor’s Emergency League, made up largely of younger men, responded forcefully to what they regarded as the heathen theology of the German Church. ‘We refuse,’ they affirmed, ‘to earn the reproach of being dumb dogs. We owe it to our congregations and to the Church to resist the falsification of the Gospel. We emphatically recognize the Holy Scripture of the Old and New Testaments as the unique test of our faith and life.’ Such commitment to biblical principles spawned acts of courageous opposition to the persecution of the Jewish people and other atrocities brought about by the Nazis, such as state approved euthanasia....By the end of 1935, 700 Confessional Church pastors were arrested by the Gestapo. Hundreds more were forced to join them in the concentration camps in 1936. In 1937, 807 more pastors and leading laymen were picked up as subversives. Before the reign was over, thousands of evangelicals attested to the quality of their faith by choosing death over capitulation or life behind the barbed wire of the Nazi concentration camps. These people—mostly unknown and unheralded—march in the ranks of Righteous Gentiles who could not endure forsaking their Savior of His Jewish brethren.”


It is clear to us that a country full of prophecy-loving, born-again Christians anticipating the new State of Israel would have never been able to mount the Holocaust against God’s people, the Jews! If there had been a fair number of people with the mind-set of Bonhoeffer, Hitler would have failed before he began.
48 It took a state stripped of prayer, the Bible, and laden with Hitler’s godless philosophy of secularism underpinned by evolution, to very nearly wipe the Jew from the face of the earth!
If efforts to secularize and demoralize America continue unchallenged, this author does not put another Holocaust out of the realm of possibility. Though I pray night and day that this never occurs, if the same breeding grounds are again laid down by our bleeding heart political liberals, as were previously laid down in Nazi Germany, we may again bear the same bitter fruit that was borne in Germany half a century ago.
We should learn from the past that the mistakes of pagan philosophies and liberal politics can destroy a nation practically overnight. We should learn this lesson so that we may prevent history from repeating itself! All believers in Jesus who love Israel owe it to themselves, God, and especially their Jewish friends, to fight anything that cheapens life for as long as possible. This includes godless liberalism, abortion, legal attempts to ban prayer from schools under the guise of “separation of church and state,” and anything else that threatens religious freedom!

Most believe that the protest for our right to pray in the public schools is a twentieth century Christian issue. Let us not forget that the famed seventeenth century Dutch Jewish philosopher Baruch de Spinoza set down his epochal convictions regarding the right of free worship and free speech in his book The Political Tractate.49

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33 In China, a strict new law was enacted in 1994 making it illegal to proselytize (convert to Christianity). The 700 Club documented this on their 1994 news update. However, this is really nothing new. Prior to 1994, from the foundation of the communist state, Chinese Christians were hunted down and brutally put to death.

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48 Bonhoeffer was one of the true believers who, unfortunately, was in the greatest of minorities. The 700 Club, hosted by Pat Robertson, documented: “...though the Jewish people bore the brunt of hideous torture and systematic death, true Christians opposed to Hitler’s demonically inspired genocide often met similar fates. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was one such man, a modern martyr whose crucible experience at the hands of the Nazis created a new understanding of the cost of an early age, Dietrich Bonhoeffer announced that he intended to study theology and enter the ministry....He felt an immediate enmity towards the Nazis....Bonhoeffer soon became involved in a network of underground seminaries, formed a guard theology study against the taint of Nazi ideology....the Gestapo closed in and terminated the secret schools as Hitler’s forces whipped the German people into a war-thirsty frenzy. The hysteria and pageantry of Nazism supplanted the nation’s spiritual life, with Hitler obtaining a near demonic glorification....Throughout the terrible first years of World War II, Bonhoeffer worked secretly against the Nazis....he was implicated in the conspiracy to assassinate Adolf Hitler and, in 1943, was arrested and held in a Berlin military prison. It was while incarcerated that Dietrich Bonhoeffer distilled the theological obstructions that had directed his personal Christian walk. During the next twelve months, he poured forth a lifetime of work, outlining a new concept of Christian service....On April the 9th, 1945, Dietrich Bonhoeffer was brought to a Nazi extermination camp at Flossenburg. There, he was condemned to die by hanging just one month before the final collapse of the Third Reich. A prison doctor who witnessed the execution later described the death scene: ‘Through the half-open door in one room of the huts, I saw Professor Bonhoeffer before taking off his prison garb, kneeling on the floor praying fervently to his God. I was most deeply moved by the way this lovable man prayed, so devout and so certain that God heard his prayer. At the place of execution, he again said a short prayer and then climbed the steps to the gallows, brave and composed. His death ensued after a few seconds. In the almost fifty years that I have worked as a doctor, I have hardly ever seen a man die so entirely submissive to the will of God.’ [Pat Robertson commented] ‘What an incredible human being. Yeah....I was in Dachau. It was one of the most moving experiences when I went there, of course, way after—just recently. And...there was...a barracks or a couple of barracks dedicated to evangelical pastors who refused to submit to Nazism, and they went into the gas chambers along with the Jews. And...that’s awful to overlook.... that...these people were standing for freedom, as...well as others.’ ” Pat Robertson, The 700 Club, Sept. 12, 1994.

49 Professor Popkin has noted that Spinoza “... made Christ the spirit that provided the basis for moral-religious life....Spinoza never joined any Christian group, though he spent the rest of his life with Christians, mainly Millenarian ones.” Popkin Jewish Christians, p. 66

50 Photo courtesy of State of Israel Government Press Office, photography department.