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A science fiction novel on time travel and Jewish survival in the Atomic age.

What If Hitler Won The War examines the potential "would have been" hazards and horrors of Hitler in victory in an alternative history where day is night and night becomes day. In a Germany which dominates the globe from 1945 until 2025 because a time traveler makes sure that Hitler gets the A-bomb first.

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    From the Author
    This book is in no way intended to glorify Hitler. This work is created to illustrate how close the 2nd World War really was! This writing will reveal the horror a Hitler victory would have brought to earth, in a new light, never before imagined. Thus, we will realize anew how thankful we should all be that Hitler was indeed defeated by the hand of God through the victorious allies...continues

    From the Inside Flap
    "We all felt that there was a high probability that the Germans... might succeed and use the Atomic bomb to become the master race." - Albert Einstein

    New insights into the "reasons" for Nazi and historic anti-Semitism are illuminated in factual appendices, which also show how close Hitler came to winning the war, with his own A-bomb. WWII was much closer than the United States Government ever let you know.

    "The need for an attack became acute when, in October 1941, the "Princes"--the underground secret intelligence service in Denmark--sent a telegram to MI-6 saying that Niels Bohr, the Danish physicist who was something of a confessor to the international scientific fraternity engaged in atomic research, had received a visitor from Germany, Professor Werner Heisenberg, a leading figure in the German program to develop the atomic bomb, had come to ask Bohr a very difficult question. Was it morally correct, Heisenberg wished to know, for a physicist to engage in the construction of such an absolute weapon, even in wartime? Bohr responded with a question of his own. Did Heisenberg mean to imply that the Germans believed such a weapon to be feasible? Heisenberg said, sadly, that such was the case. The conversation left Bohr deeply shocked; he warned the Princes and they warned London. He was, said Bohr, convinced that Germany was on the threshold of obtaining the atomic bomb." Anthony Cave Brown

    A few days before Hitler committed suicide he launched a German U-boat (U234) from Hamburg loaded with uranium and heavy water, which was to dock in Japan. Japan had been working on the Atomic bomb in conjunction wiht Hitler. Though this fact has been kept from the world's eye, until Robert Wilcox published his book, Japan's Secret War- Japan's Race Against Time To Build Its Own Atomic Bomb, in 1995. Wilcox used secret FBI documents he obtained through The Freedom of Information Act to prove the claim of his title. Truman was briefed on Japan's progress and this was the real reason he hit Japan twice, until she surrendered. The Washington Post commented, "Truman... must have been aware of Japan's nuclear capability as he deliberated about using an American Atomic bomb." The Washington Times wrote, "...had Japan developed the bomb first, they would have used it ruthlessly."

    Lawrence McQuillan of UPI has said, "In a fascinating look at what might have been, Robert Wilcox details just how close Japan came to successfully building an Atomic bomb of its own and radically altering world history."

    Certainly Hitler and his ally, Japan, nearly obtained the atomic bomb! Professor Eugene Wigner said: "We wanted... to interest the United States to develop nuclear weapons so that Hitler should not be the only one to possess them." In this science fiction novel, the question of what would have been had Hitler obtained this weapon before the United States is played out and dramatized with remarkable skill. The frightening scenario presented is based on little known, yet real evidence which illustrates what Hitler had planned for his world victory after the war. Jewish scholar Max I. Dimont, in his classic, Jews, God and History has well noted: "... Because none but German Aryans were qualified to live in the Nazi view, it stood to reason that everyone else would be exterminated. The chilling reality is that when the Russians overran the concentration camps in Poland they found enough Zyklon B cystals to kill 20 million people. Yet there were no more than 3 million Jews left in Europe... Nazi future plans called for the killing of 10 million non-Germanic people every year." Now, what do you think would have happened if Hitler could have traded in his Zyklon B gas for the bomb - read on...

    From the Back Cover
    "For if it had not been for the Christians, our remnant would surely have been destroyed, and Israel's hope would have been extinguished amidst the Gentiles, who hate us because of our faith... But God, our Lord, has caused the Christian wise men to arise, who protect us in every generation." RABBI EMDEN, 1757

    "...[true] Christianity... distinguished itself, in the particular of rescuing Jewish children, by the highest degree of self-sacrifice. It may be stated without exaggeration that almost the entire remnant of Israel which was found in the liberated countries--no matter how small its number--has the Christians to thank for its preservation, Christians who, by performing this action, placed their own lives in danger." SHOLEM ASCH, Jewish scholar and author, 1945

    "The evangelical community is the largest and fastest growing block of pro-Israeli, pro-Jewish sentiment in this country." RABBI MARC TANNENBAUM, 1981

    About the Author
    Philip Nicholas Moore was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1957. For many years, he studied Greek in Atlanta and Hebrew at Ulpan Etzion in Jerusalem. He spent eight years in Israel researching ancient Jewish beliefs and dedicated several years to researching the theological manuscripts of Isaac Newton at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

    Moore was a volunteer at the army base, Base Machena Natan, in Beersheba, Israel. He was also a volunteer on the Temple Mount excavation with archaeologists Elat and Binyamin Mazar, which yielded the discovery of the "first Temple gateway" in 1986.

    For several years, Moore assisted in research for the well known Christian author Hal Lindsey. From 1988 to 1990, Moore was instrumental in the Hebrew dubbing and release of a Genesis Project film for C.C.C. in Jerusalem.

    Presently, Philip Moore, residing in Atlanta, Georgia is under consideration for a doctorate degree by Immanuel Bible College and Baptist Seminary and is completing research for his sixth book, Israel and the Apocalypse Prophecies of Newton. Other books by Mr. Moore include: The End of History-- Messiah Conspiracy, Volume 1, Israel and the Apocalypse Prophecies of Newton, Nightmare of the Apocalypse--The Rabbi Conspiracy, Eternal Security for True Believers, A Liberal Interpretation of the Prophecy of Isreal--Disproved, What If Hitler Won The War?, The End of Earth as We Know It (Avail. 1999), Testimony Tapes of Israeli Messianic Believers, Garden Tomb Tour Video.

    Other books by Philip N. Moore include:
    The End of History: Messiah Conspiracy, Nightmare of the Apocalypse, The Rabbi Conspiracy: Excerpts from The End of History--Messiah Conspiracy Volume II Essays, What If Hitler Won The War?: Where Would We Be Today?, Eternal Security For True Believers, and A Liberal Interpretation On The Prophecy Of Israel - Disproved (Nostradamus: Biblical Sage or Sorcerer?)

    Excerpted from What If Hitler Won The War? (Where Would We Be Today?) by Philip N. Moore. Copyright © 1998. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved


    "The spirit that I have seen may be a devil; and the devil hath power to assume a pleasing shape." HAMLET

    I, Joseph Jones, woke up from what I thought was a nightmare. As I slept I felt what could best be described as a "sonic boom." I experienced the sensation of a rushing, mightly wind. It was as if time itself had warped and that a new reality had somehow replaced what I had always known to be true. In my sleep I thought I had heard SS troops marching and speaking German but as I awoke I knew that had to be impossible. It was 1950 and the Nazis had been defeated in 1945. As I went over the the window I heard someone speaking German and the words, "Heil Hitler world ruler, in Germany" (Heil Hitler, Welt Herrscher, in Deutschland).

    I said to myself, "I must still be asleep--still having a nightmare." As I approached the window I peered out and saw SS troops marching-why-how? German Nazis in California? "This could not be," I thought. I picked up a newspaper. It's headlines read, 'Hitler to finalize African Negro extermination this month.' I said, "Oh my God, this can't be true. The Nazis were defeated in '45.' Just then my door was burst down. An SS officer picked up the Bible I had on my night stand and said, "You, you are one too!"


    "You are a Christian and your best friend is a Jew. We have him and we are arresting you--you and he will report to the same gas chamber."...continues


    "Men's curiosity searches past and future." T.S. ELIOT

    In answering Joe's dilemma in how he was awaken by Nazis and the sound of SS troops in 1950 a secret diary was discovered in an underground library which summarized: In the year 2010 a young anti-Semitic (Jew hating) scientist, Adolf Mengele, an illegitimate child of the escaped Nazi war criminal, Joseph Mengele, is hard at work in time travel experimentation. He was always fascinated with time and learned much from Einstein's works on the subject.

    Young Adolf was conceived in the late 1970's. His father, Joseph, never saw him, but left a map in his safety deposit box under an assumed name, which would guide his son to one of the biggest stashes of Nazi gold ever to be found.

    The cave, which held over fifty billion dollars in gold bouillon, was in western Europe and had remained hidden for almost 70 years.

    When Adolf was a young boy he always asked his German, although American born, mother about his father. He wanted to know where he was and why everyone was so hushed on the subject. He would ask about 'Dad' and his mother and all of her friends and family would become silent, looking at each other, as if a bomb had dropped, only to quickly, but sublety, change the subject.

    One day Adolf's mother, when she felt the child was old enough to know the truth, sat him down and told him the entire story of who his father was. She explained that his father was in hiding during the later half of the twentieth century, enduring, she thought, until the late 1980's through the mid 1990's and now was most probably dead of old age. This took a toll on Adolf during his teenage years and he became a very bitter, yet ambitious individual.

    He was bitter and upset about his father's having to hide and look over his shoulder for fear of being apprehended and tried for his crimes against the Jews since Hitler was defeated in 1945.

    He was ambitious and very excited about his technical research in time travel and now it seemed he had put together a machine which might be able to propel him backwards in time to where he had always wanted to go--back to 1939--to meet the most hated man who had lived to date, Adolf Hitler, his namesake.

    His plan was malicious. He intended to give classified military secrets, old videotapes and newspaper clippings regarding the Atomic bomb to Adolf Hitler, six years before the end of the war. He intended to do this so as to convince Hitler to maintain atomic research as a first priority and to insure he obtained the bomb first, before the United States! He intended for Hitler to win the war and change history-- forever!

    This young devil of a man, now in his thirties, had a grudge to grind with Israel and the Jews. He was very angry with Israel and her secret service for capturing Adolf Eichman in 1960 and bringing him to trial in Jerusalem and therafter executing him.

    He had nightmares where he saw Hitler shoot himself through the mouth only to be delivered to the burning flame.

    He was most angry about the Israeli's relentless pursuit of his father, Dr. Joseph Mengele, who had performed experiments of torture on so many helpless Jews. His wicked father had evaded capture until 1998.

    At the time of his apprehension Joseph Mengele was in his late nineties. Pursuing tips, the Israeli Intelligence Organization called MOSAD, followed leads that took them to his hide away in Greece.

    Thirty-eight years before, he had narrowly escaped the MOSAD from his precious hideout in Venezuela. He had left his home only five days before the MOSAD Agents located his residence, as he was warned by the Nazi underground, the Brudenschaft, of Eichman's capture, which had just taken place...continues

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