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Chapter 1: How It All Began
Chapter 1
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Chapter 2: Why War on Planet Earth?
Chapter 2
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Chapter 3: Two Messiahs?
Chapter 3
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Chapter 4: Why Was Jesus Rejected by the Jewish People?
Chapter 4
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Chapter 5: Which Prophecies Did Jesus Fulfill?
Chapter 5
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Chapter 6: The Handwriting on the Wall Spelled'The Temple Falls'
Chapter 6
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Chapter 7: The Messiah Conspiracy
Chapter 7
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Chapter 8: The Messiah Conspiracy Continues in the NEW Old Testament
Chapter 8
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Chapter 9: The Messiah Conspiracy Concludes in Preventin Healings
Chapter 9
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Chapter 10: Early Christian History Versus Catholicism
Chapter 10
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Chapter 11: Newton's Forbidden Works Rescued
Chapter 11
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Chapter 12: Christian Zionists Past and Present
Chapter 12
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Chapter 13: Philosophical Sabotage of Our Bible Resulted in Holocaust
Chapter 13
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Chapter 14: Zionists--Evangelical Christians--The Most Loyal to Israel
Chapter 14
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Chapter 15: Messianic Jewish Faith in Jesus
Chapter 15
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Chapter 16: Was Christopher Columbus a Messianic Jew?
Chapter 16
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Chapter 17: A Moon-Walking Astronaut Gives His Testimony in Israel
Chapter 17
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Chapter 18: Israel--Is Real
Chapter 18
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Chapter 19: Russia Is Crushed in Gog
Chapter 19
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Chapter 20: Mohammed is Mad
Chapter 20
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Chapter 21: The China Chapter
Chapter 21
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Chapter 22: Rome Resurrected
Chapter 22
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Chapter 23: The False Messiah Armilus Equals Antichrist
Chapter 23
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Chapter 24: Truth or Consequences--Will the Real Faith Please Stand?
Chapter 24
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Chapter 25: The Rapture Factor
Chapter 25
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Chapter 26: We Win Armageddon--Our Final Battle
Chapter 26
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Chapter 27: Speculating on Messiah's SECOND Coming--Whether They Know It or Not
Chapter 27
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Chapter 28: The Second Coming Event--Will He Yet Be Sent?
Chapter 28
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Chapter 29: After the Messiah Arrives and Ends the War--Paradise!
Chapter 29
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Chapter 30: New Heavens and a New Earth
Chapter 30
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Appendix 1: It's All HEBREW to Me
Appendix 2: Life After Death Experiences People Have Lived to Tell About
Appendix 3: Apes, Fakes and Mistakes
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About the Author

Messiah Conspiracy Back Cover

Book Description
This in-depth work contains incredible evidence of the greatest conspiracy of all time - The Messiah Conspiracy, whereby the rabbis of early times sought to cover up the prophecies of their own Bible indicating Jesus was their Messiah! The motives behind this are both fascinating and shocking! In the little known town of Yavne, a curse was devised to seperate Jewish believers from non-believers, yet they persisted past our fourth century in notable numbers. Today they are reemerging, amidst heavy-handed anger, in the rabbinical community. We cannot be neutral!

Editorial Reviews

Dr. Moishe Rosen, Founder, Jews for Jesus
"Moore's work [The End of History: Messiah Conspiracy] is a compendium on prophecy. His commitment to scripture has him gathering from many different sources to help interpret the meaning of prophecy. He draws from ancient and contemporary Jewish thought... This book will be especially satisfying to those who want to know what is next in God's schedule of world redemption."

Dr. Mitchell E. Harris, renowned Jewish Psychologist
"I can't recall when I felt so engrossed in anything I've read...[Messiah Conspiracy] is fascinating and quite compelling."

Hal Lindsey, New York Times best-selling author
"Thanks to Philip I have some incredible material... He... has done research and contributed incredible documentation..."

Sid Roth, President, Messianic Vision
"I have known Philip Moore for many years... He is for real. His book, Messiah Conspiracy, not only proves its point, but gives research data that is not available elsewhere. Christians will have at their disposal the best information assembled proving Jesus is the Messiah and the Bible is the Word of God."

Dr. Ruth Fleischer, assoc. ed., International Hebrew Christian Alliance Magazine
"Philip Moore has spent years researching a daunting variety of materials written over the last two thousand years. Being the determined investigator that he is, Moore has followed the trail of lies and deception, everywhere uncovering more salient, and even amazing information. The work, The Messiah Conspiracy, is a remarkable resource for believers in Messiah, and a challenge to those who do not yet believe."

Elliot Klayman, Professor, The Ohio State U., and Editor, The Messianic Outreach
"In Philip Moore's most recent work there is something fresh and exciting for everyone. This mosaic of a work is woven together by the strands of our genuine interest in the truth of our faith and history. A condensation of a larger treatise, which also contains much new material, this book challenges our hackneyed views about the roots and the branches of our faith."

Dr. Mitchell E. Harris, renowned Jewish psychologist
"I can't recall when I felt so engrossed in anything I've read... [Messiah Conspiracy] is fascinating and quite compelling."

Risto Santala, The Finnish Hebrew Bible scholar and author
"Philip Moore has done a tremendous work with his study [The Messiah Conspiracy]. It is useful for all who love Israel."

James E. White, Manager, Oxford Books
"The End of History: Messiah Conspiracy is a magnificent accomplishment, both in thorough research and as an expression of Christian apologetics. The book has done well at Oxford, and should be at the top of the list of those readers who want solid, factual material that is also inspiring."

Monica L. McMillen, vice-president of education for Hadassah
"I have thoroughly enjoyed all the Talmudic references and footnotes in Messiah Conspiracy."

From the Publisher   This work contains long-lost material that until now, was forbidden reading, plus insight from a biblical perspective into the old and infamous prophecies of Nostradamus--a first.

This quality book examines Bible prophecy in relation to modern-day political events, illustrating many recent prophetic fulfillments. We have consulted and quoted scholars, MD's and Ph.D.'s while using ancient rabbinical writings and recent archaeological discoveries to verify many fundamental New Testament claims, such as the literal existence of the Roman governor, Pilate, the high priest Caiaphas, and the mention of Notzrim (Christians) in an ancient curse, known to scholars as the Birkat ha Minim.

We devote several chapters to uncovering a plot, a conspiracy by Jewish leaders to cover up the biblically verified fact that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah. This was accomplished by their reinterpretation of the Messaianic prophecies, to the sorrow of many, then and now. We are the first to examine this conspiracy in such depth!

We also present evidence that Columbus was a Jew who believed in Jesus, and that Isaac Newton, who believed the second coming would occur in the 21st century, considered his own biblical/apocalyptic writings more important than his works on science. We feature previously unpublished letters written by Albert Einstein, urging that the Newton papers on religion be made public.

We cover Christian Zionists who saved Jews from the holocaust. We also give reasons to believe we are within approximately 30 years of he Apocalypse and Second Coming! Also contains the latest information of near-death experiences and Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as scientific evidence proving creation over evolution. Some say Rabin's assassination was encoded in Hebrew Bible text. We quote the text Gematria.

This nearly 1,200 page volume is the result of more than 12 years of research, and is illustrated with close to 600 photos!

About the Author
Philip Nicholas Moore was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1957. For many years, he studied Greek in Atlanta and Hebrew at Ulpan Etzion in Jerusalem. He spent eight years in Israel researching ancient Jewish beliefs and dedicated several years to researching the theological manuscripts of Isaac Newton at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Moore was a volunteer at the army base, Base Machena Natan, in Beersheba, Israel. He was also a volunteer on the Temple Mount excavation with archaeologists Elat and Binyamin Mazar, which yielded the discovery of the "first Temple gateway" in 1986.

For several years, Moore assisted in research for the well known Christian author Hal Lindsey. From 1988 to 1990, Moore was instrumental in the Hebrew dubbing and release of a Genesis Project film for C.C.C. in Jerusalem.

Presently, Philip Moore, residing in Atlanta, Georgia is under consideration for a doctorate degree by Immanuel Bible College and Baptist Seminary and is completing research for his sixth book, Israel and the Apocalypse Prophecies of Newton. Other books by Mr. Moore include: The End of History-- Messiah Conspiracy, Volume 1, Israel and the Apocalypse Prophecies of Newton, Nightmare of the Apocalypse--The Rabbi Conspiracy, Eternal Security for True Believers, A Liberal Interpretation of the Prophecy of Isreal--Disproved, What If Hitler Won The War?, The End of Earth as We Know It (Avail. 1999), Testimony Tapes of Israeli Messianic Believers, Garden Tomb Tour Video.

Other books by Philip N. Moore include:
The End of History: Messiah Conspiracy, Nightmare of the Apocalypse, The Rabbi Conspiracy: Excerpts from The End of History--Messiah Conspiracy Volume II Essays, What If Hitler Won The War?: Where Would We Be Today?, Eternal Security For True Believers, and A Liberal Interpretation On The Prophecy Of Israel - Disproved (Nostradamus: Biblical Sage or Sorcerer?)

Excerpted from The End of History: Messiah Conspiracy by Philip N. Moore. Copyright © 1996.  All rights reserved

"'...he [Newton] was much more sollicitous in his inquirys into Religion than into Natural Philosophy [ science]...he had written a long explication of remarkable parts of the Old and New Testament, while his understanding was in its greatest perfection... That he would not publish these writings in his own time because they show'd that his thoughts were some times different from those which are commonly receiv'd, which would ingage him in disputes, and this was a thing which he avoided as much as possible. But now its hop'd that the worthy and ingenious Mr. Conduit will take care that they be publish'd that the world may see that Sr. Is: Newton was as good a Christian as he was a Mathematician and Philosopher.'" Letter from Newton's friend, John Craig, to John Conduit, days after Newton's death, April 7, 1727

"...Newton entered upon the Interpretation of the Prophecies (e.g. lot 228 on the Apocalypse) which form so large a part of his Theological writings, amounting to more than one-and-a-quarter million words, and mostly unpublished...Newton himself regarded them as the most important of all his works..." "Newton's Manuscripts," Leonard L. Mackall, July 12, 1936

"When the various components of Newton's Bible scholarship are examined and evaluated, he can indeed be seen to be in the forefront of the critical scholarship...in the forefront in applying modern science to understanding the Bible, and in the forefront of those offering new historical data for interpreting prophecies...Perhaps, when his theological manuscripts have been published, we will be able to assess more accurately his entire theory, and and see his originality and his stature as a commentator on the scriptures." "Newton was convinced that God had presented mankind in Scripture with certain most important clues about the future history of humanity. Newton's explorations of the problems involved in uncovering the text and discovering the true meaning of the text was carried on in private in the vast amount of unpublished manuscripts that he drafted for almost sixty years." Professor Richard H. Popkin, UCLA, 1990,1994

Chapter 11 - Newton's Forbidden Works Rescued
I will never forget that day. It was Thursday, May 23, 1991. I was at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem requesting the manuscripts of Sir Isaac Newton, the great English scientist. The librarian, for some reason, could not find Newton's Yahuda manuscript 9.2 123-170 on microfilm, so they brought the original as I had ordered. The librarian, Moshe, told me, "I don't dare to change the order in this box. They are very old. Here are Newton's papers eight through fourteen--nine is here."

A Librarian's Misplaced Emphasis And Nonchalant Sarcasm Sobered Me!

Ephraim, the library attendant, removed number 9.2, looked at it curiously as he read and said to me, "The end of the world." He smirked, tossing the manuscript down before me and saying carelessly, "We all hope it will come soon."

The opening page of Newton's document 9.2 spoke of judgement and the end of the world. I thought to myself, he takes so lightly what the greatest of all scientists considered his most important writings. I thought, "He is missing out on a lot!" He, like others, has misplaced his values and doesn't know when or how to appreciate incredible truths--especially the treasure that lay before us.

The Realization of Newton's Scriptural Reality Brought Me to Tears as I Touched The Very Parchment He Inscribed

As I carefully picked up the forty-seven pages of ancient parchment written in Newton's own hand, with his quill, almost three hundred years ago, I walked over to the tables and cautiously sat down. As I turned first one page and then another, I was struck by the reality of what I was reading; the very commentaries and calculations on the end days. Revelations, the Hebrew prophets, the millennial kingdom and the new world to come, written by the most famous scientist ever to live in England, or anywhere else for that matter.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I realized how faithful to God and the Bible Newton was, as I read his incredible words and quotations of Scripture. I held in my hand what few have ever seen or will see and what had been unknown of the man for nearly three centuries.

I remembered my high school classmate, Clay Turner, who once quoted Newton in an attempt to disprove God-- an empty attempt, without substance. If only he could see these writings I had before me. I have never felt more touched in all of my studies on Revelations and Newton as I was then. It is my hope that all those who read these words about Newton's description of the world to come (see our chapters 29 and 30), will take a piece of this unfathomable joy with them.


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